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East End Healthy Living Centre

The Centre has provided facilities and services that contribute to improving health and well-being for the residents of the east end of Glasgow. The Centre offers an opportunity for uptake and continued participation in a wide range of health improvement services in a local, high quality and highly accessible facility. The facility provides low cost activities including the use of football  pitches, track and gym; additionally the centre has provided a wide range of activity classes across all age groups.

The centre in 2011/12 saw 3,602 members using the facility. One football group stated:

"We would recommend the Centre to anyone in the east end as an ideal place to use, whether they are an individual looking to perhaps improve their fitness, teams looking for excellent training and match facilities or community organisations looking for flexible and multi-purpose sports and training facilities.
The Healthy Living Centre provides an excellent community service supported by a friendly and supportive staff team."