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Glasgow South Youth Partnership

The Glasgow South Youth Partnership (GSYP) was established in 2018. This followed the merger of the previous South Youth Partnership with the South Youth Health and Wellbeing Forum.

The GSYP is a network established to support all organisations - voluntary, and statutory within Glasgow South who are involved in working with or delivering high quality services and opportunities to young people.

Partnership Principles

The GSYP is driven by five Partnership Principles:

  • Through developmental youth work activities, young people are supported to aspire and achieve positive outcomes;
  • Strive to establish Youth Issues as an integral part to the local, city and national strategic planning processes;
  • Support and develop methods for Youth Representation in forums and other consultative bodies;
  • Promote positive images and messages about local young people within the South area; and
  • Promote the development of local based services for young people.

How You Can Get Involved

Membership is open to any project who currently deliver services to young people - this does not have to be traditional youth work and we would encourage projects and organisations involved in other disciplines to participate i.e. arts, education, employability, health, safety, housing etc.

The GSYP currently meets on a quarterly basis across two forums (South East and South West) with venues rotated throughout the area. Two reps from each of the sub groups volunteer to sit on the Co-ordination Group, which also meets on a quarterly basis.

For further information, please email