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The Jelly Piece Club

The jeely Nursery is located in Castlemilk Community Centre and provides nursery provision for pre 5 children and additional support for the parents/carers of the children.

Castlemilk is considered as being within the 15% most deprived communities in Scotland and many families struggle with the effects of adverse socio-economic factors.

The jeely Nursery offers:

> Special Play Time - an intervention based on Play Therapy involving specially trained pre 5 workers supporting individual children. This addresses attachment issues and allows the child to explore their experiences; giving them an opportunity to express their thoughts and feelings and develop their understanding of emotions and promoting resilience to enable them to better cope.
The Playroom has been adapted to bring the learning and benefits of Special Play Time to all children attending the nursery, creating a therapeutic environment for all attending the nursery.

> Parent's Programme - the Jeely Nursery delivers the Triple P programme, providing support that assists parents to develop self confidence in their parenting skills, self-esteem as individuals and offers personal development opportunities.
The Jeely Nursery considers that parents are key to the provision of a safe nurturing environment and supporting relationships in which children can grow and develop to their full potential. A significant number of families exist where parents struggle to provide effective care. Consequently, the majority of referrals made to the Jeely Nursery by Social Work and the NHS relate to parenting issues.