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South Health Improvement Programme

In February/March 2013, the South Community Planning Partnerships made funding recommendations for 2013-14 and 2014-15 and this included a Glasgow City Council Integrated Grant Funding allocation of £107,101, to support the delivery of a South Health Improvement Programme in 2013-2014 and 2014-2015.

This multi-agency programme of health and wellbeing related activities is delivered by a range of statutory and voluntary sector agencies working across the South Sector and all activities are aligned to the South Health and Wellbeing priorities:

  • Early Years and Parenting/ Supporting Children and Families
  • Healthy Weight/Tackling Obesity
  • Improving Mental Health and Wellbeing

Activities currently funded as part of the programme focuses on providing health related services to particular target groups such as Pre-5 children; Young People; Parents/Carers as well as Women specific groups. Activities delivered as part of the programme include:
Therapeutic Play/Special Play Time which is delivered by the Jeely Piece Club in partnership with key statutory and third sector stakeholders is individual therapeutic play sessions for children aged approximately 2-5 years old, who are experiencing emotional difficulties related to the impact of adverse socio- economic factors present in their family lives e.g. parental addiction, poor mental health, domestic violence, care and protection concerns.

The multi-agency Get Cooking Get Shopping programme is a 6-week cookery skills course where up to 6 local people at a time, learn how to cook healthy food on a limited budget as well as learning about the eat well Plate and to help tackle obesity. Courses are either open or targeted towards priority groups such as vulnerable families, addiction clients, mental health service users and the homelessness. In addition to courses cookery demonstrations take place at community events across the South West area.