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In 2011, the Community Planning Partnership agreed to develop a One Glasgow Approach; a Total Place approach to budget planning and financial challenges based on pooling resources, focus sing on specific shared priorities, eliminating duplication, and creating efficiencies.

The One Glasgow Principles

The core principles for One Glasgow are that partners focus on and accelerate joint working on outcomes through:

o Earlier intervention and a proactive approach to prevention,

o Outcome based targets and commissioning,

o Clearer programmes or work and pathways,

o Better targeting of services based on need,

o Improved working with the third sector, particularly in community based services; and

o Improved case management and practice.

One Glasgow is being implemented by a range of public sector agencies in Glasgow including Glasgow City Council, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde, Police Scotland, Glasgow Housing Association, Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, Jobcentreplus and the Third Sector Forum. In addition a broader range of other national and local partners have been involved in developing implementation plans including Scottish Government.

The benefits of this approach are not just better services and outcomes for residents, but also a better use of financial and other resources. It is recognised, however that not all benefits will be delivered immediately or are 'cashable', for example, some of the interventions with families and children, the impacts may take a generation to track and evidence.

Work streams

Partners have identified three priority themes or work streams as part of a wave one programme. These themes are the service areas where partner believe there are significant opportunities to improve outcomes, streamline processes and improve ways of joint working. They are:

o Children aged 0-8, specifically early intervention approaches for this group and their families

o Reducing offending targeted at those aged 12 - 25 involved in anti social behaviour or in the criminal justice system, including prison leavers; and

o Vulnerable Older people aged 65+, specifically those in single households to assist them to live in the community and minimise acute interventions and hospital admissions; and

o Independent Living, with a view to ensuring that over the ten years to 2023 Glasgow evolves as a fully inclusive and accessible city for all its citizens.

One Glasgow Reducing Reoffending Worksteam (12-25) Partnership Performance & Progress Report 2016-17 - word icon One Glasgow Reducing Reoffending Partnership Progress & Performance Report 2016/17 [246kb]