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Community Engagement

There are numerous ways to get involved with the Glasgow Community Planning Partnership. As we develop our community engagement processes and structures, we will employ the National Standards for Community Engagement produced on behalf of the Scottish Government.

If you wish to get more actively involved in local Community Planning in the city, you can;

  • attend your local Community Council meetings (they are open to the public) and make sure
    a) you receive feedback from Community Council representatives on the Area Partnerships and
    b) you make your views known on issues to be debated at future Area Partnership meetings. Details of local community councils can be found Community Councils Glasgow Website.
  • participating in any of our partner community engagement events being held throughout the year
  • taking part in our Neighbourhood Management consultations
  • making your local Elected Member aware of your concerns and views by attending local surgeries or contacting them direct
  • becoming a community representative on one of the partner structures closely aligned to Community Planning such as Community Health Partnerships, Local Housing Forums or Community Councils

Non-GCPP Community Structures

In recognition that many groups or issues are not focused at an area based level, arrangements have been formulated to ensure community of interest issues are appropriately linked to the new structures. A priority for community engagement is to reach and involve communities of interest that have vulnerabilities and/or experience disadvantage, for example: people with various disabilities and their unpaid carers; people from ethnic minorities, in particular asylum seekers and refugees; kinship carers, etc.

There are already in existence a number of networks that either are made up of, or engage with, communities:

Community Council Discussion Forum

The Community Councils Discussion Forum (CCDF) is an effective capacity building structure which offers the community council members from across Glasgow a platform to engage in 'Peer Learning Sessions', and with a wide range of public and private agencies.

As a result, community councils can become better informed on matters such as public service delivery; have time to review systems and procedures relating to the operation of community councils; and seek to improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of community councils.

The CCDF also provides opportunity for public and private agencies to share their operational vision; showcase their functions and areas of responsibilities; and to hear and gather first hand, the views, issues and concerns from a representative base of citywide community residents.