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Community Policing Initiative

Strathclyde Police (now part of Police Scotland) receive funding to deploy 100 Community Police Officers across the city in order to reduce crime and the fear of crime.

The Community Policing Teams engage with communities to help develop solutions to local priorities, using information and real time intelligence to prevent crime and target crime hotspots and has resulted in the following:

  • A focus on Neighbourhood Policing as a result of the introduction of an Integrated Service Delivery Model;
  • A move to a higher visibility presence within communities and increased community engagement;
  • The reduction in number of Anti-Social Behaviour and Youth Disorder incidents in the past 12 months down between 28 to 36% in communities across the city;
  • The general perception (evidenced for example via the Neighbourhood Management Surveys in 2011) that people felt significantly safer within their communities;
  • The provision of an additional 100 Community Police Officers across Glasgow enabled low level crime to be addressed rapidly and for an early response to issues which emerge.

The Police have also been able to foster effective relationships with key partners:

  • Glasgow Housing Association (GHA) and NHS staff work closely with Strathclyde Police colleagues at local level;
  • The Reducing Offending work stream of One Glasgow offers a real opportunity to further develop early intervention measures;
  • The Third Sector has a key role to play in tackling issues including alcohol abuse and sectarianism.