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Thriving Places

Thriving Places is Glasgow Community Planning Partnerships' intensive neighbourhood approach which targets specific areas of the city making better use of existing assets and resources and creating more effective working across partners.


Thriving Places are neighbourhoods and communities which have been identified as needing further support to tackle complicated local issues. The Thriving Places approach centres on partners working much more collaboratively with one another and with specific communities making better use of existing resources and assets in order to form an approach which is specific to each individual community's issues.

Many of these assets are already in place within communities such as buildings, services or residents themselves. Our approach focuses on the capacity, skills and strengths in a community with organisations working in partnership with residents to plan and deliver services. Partners will also seek to engage and support individuals, groups and communities who would not normally participate in such activity.

Across the city there are nine Thriving Places areas that have been identified as having consistent levels of inequality relative to other parts of the city including when looking at child poverty, health indictors and levels of unemployment. The approach taken will be specific to each one of our target neighbourhoods, reflecting the unique circumstances and assets within each community and the ambitions of Partners within the local area.

Local issues can be very complicated; research has confirmed increased investment in conventional public services cannot alone address inequality in particular communities. Instead a different approach is required to tackle these problems.

The research has outlined other issues which are equally as important as the more established ones like health, education, crime, employment and housing such as:

  • Peoples Aspirations

  • Confidence

  • Self esteem

  • Neighbourhood Territorialism

  • Insularity

  • Stigma

The Thriving Place approach recognises that for some neighbourhoods and communities, the issues are often more complex and multi-layered. Thriving Places were identified as having fallen behind the rest of Glasgow in becoming a 'better place to live work and visit'. These areas have the potential to benefit the most from the Thriving Places approach.

Locality Plans set out how community groups, organisations and local services can work together to make a difference to local areas and the lives of people who live and work there. These are living plans and will change as more local people get involved, and services in the local area change to meet local needs. We have initially produced Locality Plans for 10 areas across Glasgow. We will produce annual reports to provide information on how things have changed within these local areas. The Locality Plans for all nine Thriving Places, plus the Locality Plan for Govanhill can be found below:
North West Sector
pdf icon Ruchill & Possilpark Thriving Place Our Community Plan [1Mb]
pdf icon Drumchapel Thriving Place [1Mb]
pdf icon Lambhill & Milton Thriving Place [1Mb]

North East Sector
pdf icon Parkhead Dalmarnock & Camlachie Thriving Place [1Mb]
pdf icon Easterhouse Thriving Place [1Mb]
pdf icon Springboig Barlanark Thriving Place [1Mb]

South Sector
pdf icon Priesthill & Househillwood Thriving Place [1Mb]
pdf icon Gorbals Thriving Place [1Mb]
pdf icon Govan Thriving Place [1Mb]

pdf icon Govanhill Locality Plan [2Mb]