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The Gorbals is in South East Glasgow, located just to the south of the River Clyde. It is bounded by the Clyde to the north; the city boundary to the east; the M74 to the south; and Ellington Street to the west. The Gorbals Thriving Place takes in the neighbourhoods of the Gorbals, Hutchesontown and Oatlands.

The Gorbals has a noted history of population surges and associated physical and soc i-economic challenges from the 1930s - early 1980s. Significant regeneration has taken place since the late 1980s, when both the Crown Street Regeneration Project and New Gorbals Housing Association were established. However, despite huge improvements in the physical environment, there are still serious issues relating to unemployment and poverty; drug and alcohol misuse; and health. This imbalance led to the establishment of the Gorbals Regeneration Group which brings together all the main public and voluntary sector organisations working in the Gorbals, with the aim of ensuring that the successful physical regeneration of the area is matched by economic and social regeneration.

Locality Plan

Today, the Gorbals Regeneration Group leads on the development of Gorbals Thriving Place, with New Gorbals Housing Association as the anchor organisation.

The Gorbals was one of the first Thriving Places to go live, in August 2013. Gorbals Thriving Places achievements to date include:

  • Spirit of the Gorbals - part of Spirit of 2012's Glasgow Commonwealth Games legacy programme Fourteen, the Gorbals was one of the 14 communities across the UK to have received a resource budget of up to £250,000 to invest in activity that local people themselves believe will make a difference to well-being and happiness within their community. Spirit of the Gorbals is the local name for the Fourteen programme in the Gorbals. The programme ran from January 2015 through to December 2017. Read more about the project here.
  • Launch of Glasgow South Working Rite - a youth employability programme in partnership between New Gorbals Housing Association, Southside Housing Association and Working Rite. 44 local young people have been involved in the programme over the past two years. Read more about the project
  • Launch of Go Get Gorbals - development and launch of a new website, designed to be a social exchange platform for the Gorbals area. To date, the site has just under 300 registered members and has promoted almost 900 community events. Visit the website here:


2018/19 Update

A lively programme of events and consultations drove forward Locality Planning in the Gorbals throughout 2018/19. Highlights included two weekly community breakfasts, the Gorbals Fun Run, the Gorbals Summer Gathering, the Gorbals Fair and the first Gorbals Christmas Cracker event, which saw all of the local nurseries come together for a festive celebration at the St Francis Centre.

Looking at local provision of adult learning opportunities, partners in the Gorbals supported local ESOL classes and supported the development of the Gorbals Men's Shed initiative. For young people, the Youth Employability Programme with Working Rite continued to be a success.

A key part of the Thriving Places approach is partnership working, and the Gorbals has a number of key structures that continued to generously contribute to Locality Planning in 2018/19. These structures include:

  • The Gorbals Regeneration Group - Chaired by a local councillor, this group meet four times per year as the Strategic Group for Gorbals Thriving Place progressing and agreeing key initiatives in Gorbals;
  • Gorbals Third Sector Forum - meets every six weeks and brings together voluntary sector projects working in Gorbals to share information/learning and partnership working where possible; and
  • Thriving Breakfast Network - The network meet at least five times per year and the main aim is for front line voluntary and public sector staff to build relationships and share information on all things Gorbals.


How You Can Get Involved

If you are looking for information about what you can get involved with in the Gorbals get in touch with your Community Connector Michael Fullerton via


Further Information

The full locality plan for the Gorbals can be found here:pdf icon Gorbals Locality Plan [1Mb]