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Govanhill is bordered by the neighbourhoods of Pollokshields to the North West and the Gorbals to the North East. It extends as far south as the Crosshill area and Queens Park and is separated from the Shawlands and Strathbungo areas to the west by Pollokshaws Road, and from Toryglen to the east by Aikenhead Road. At the core of Govanhill is a collection of traditional tenement flats between Victoria Road and Cathcart Road, bisected by the thorough fares of Calder Street and Allison Street running east to west.

Locality Plan

Govanhill's Locality Plan, 'A Better Govanhill', was developed in September 2017, along with locality plans in each of the city's Thriving Places. It was developed through the Govanhill Regeneration Group, a structured forum with representation from public sector and third party sector organisations alongside representatives of the local community.

2022 Update

Updates on the Govanhill Locality Plan can be found at

Two specific strands of the Locality Plan have been progressed which can be found at the following pages:

Community Engagement and Information

Leadership, Co-production & Accountability

2018/19 Update

In August 2018, Govanhill Housing Association's Committee approved a proposal for Govanhill Housing Association to become the community anchor organisation for the  approved Thriving Places initiative in Govanhill. Housing Association staff worked closely with local people through the Govanhill Community Development Trust throughout the year while preparations were made for the appointment of a community co-ordinator.

Community Conversations were a key task for this Locality during 2018/19, as it is at an earlier stage of the Locality Planning process than some of its neighbouring localities. This work has provided a unique, safe environment where the diverse community of Govanhill can come together in a productive, creative and engaging way. At the beginning of Community Conversations the group identified positive and negative aspects of life in Govanhill. The group decided to first explore three of them:

  • Environment and waste
  • Housing

  • Celebration of diversity

Throughout the year, community conversation participants have generated thousands of ideas for the neighbourhood, mapped the assets of Govanhill and created the first issue of community made Govanhill Zone.

A progress report detailing more activities from 2019 can be found here: pdf icon Govanhill update 2019 [180kb]


Steering Group Minutes


pdf icon Govanhill Regeneration Group Minutes 9 December 2019 [355kb]

pdf icon Placemaking meeting 29.10.19 [235kb]

word icon 12th June 2019 [54kb]

word icon 14th August 2019 [59kb]

How You Can Get Involved

For further information about Govanhill Locality Plan or to find out how you can play a part in achieving a Better Govanhill please contact Marie McBeth, Community Connector on 07975 894393 or email

Further Information

The full locality plan for Govanhill can be found here:  pdf icon Govanhill Locality Plan [2Mb]

Govanhill Community Development Trust promote Govanhill and local opportunities at:

Read about how Glasgow is URBinclusion to drive its Thriving Places in Govanhill:

Information on this webpage is provided by Govanhill Thriving Places steering group, and may not necessarily reflect the views of Glasgow Community Planning Partnership.