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Lambhill, Milton, and Cadder

The Lambhill, Milton, and Cadder Thriving Place area is made up of three distinct neighbourhoods - Milton, Lambhill and Cadder. The area is in the North West of the city, about 2.5 miles from Glasgow city centre. Much of the area is farmland and wetland, with almost all of the local population living south of Possil Loch.

Thriving Places was introduced in 2017 to Lambhill and Milton to help improve the quality of life of people who live and work here. This can mean trying to improve health and wellbeing, community safety, education, employment, income, housing,the local environment or access to services. It can also mean encouraging local involvement in decision making. This 10-year plan will tell you more about what Thriving Places is doing in Lambhill and Milton.

How You Can Get Involved

If you would like to get involved or for further information on Lambhill, Milton, and Cadder Thriving Place, please contact your Community Connector at North Glasgow Healthy Living Community:

2020/2021 Update

The COVID-19 pandemic and ensuing restrictions halted the proposed work programmes of the thematic groups for much of the first six months of the year.  Many of the members either had to self-isolate for much of the time or were greatly involved in supporting the distribution and delivery of food and advice to the most vulnerable and isolated community members.

A COVID-19 Response Group was established to support the very vulnerable people in the community by way of:  

  • Food and activity and mental health and wellbeing packs
  • Finances and funding applications
  • Transport and deliveries to homes
  • Ideas of best way to combat mental health issues
  • Reducing duplication
  • Reducing the impact on the local community as partners worked together
  • Equipment and facilities
  • Knowledge and understanding of what worked and what do not
  • Covid Safety vital information
  • Connectivity to IT equipment
  • Energy support and financial advice

Social media was used throughout the year to share information and advice on courses, food support, ongoing COVID information and any other pertinent information available from partners, agencies requested to be shared or the information the connector shared from other agencies external to the partners including NHS and other government organisations.

The Community Connector returned from maternity leave in October 2020 and supported the Events Group to develop a community-wide festive programme via virtual meetings on ZOOM and Microsoft Teams. The connector re-established with local groups and community-based organisations operating in the neighbourhoods to begin COVID recovery programmes.  A Covid Recovery Group was set up to look at effective ways to work with local communities coming out of lockdown.

The Community Connector moved on to other employment in March 2021 and North Glasgow Healthy Living Community stepped down as the community anchor organisation for Lambhill, Milton and Cadder. Glasgow Community Planning Partnership is working with local organisations and groups to refresh the existing locality plan and find the best way enabling local communities to have a meaningful say in decision making and tackle inequalities.'

2018/2019 Update

Throughout 2018/19 the Community Connector has engaged with the community and learnt about local aspirations and concerns. As a result, 5 sub-groups have been developed to work towards a plan to achieve the wishes of local people in Lambhill, Milton and Cadder.

pdf icon Community Connector Report 2018-19 [1Mb]

There have been a number of local events at which local people have been engaged. For example, Autumn in the Square and Spring in the Square have emphasised Licensable Square as a gathering space for local communities, with both events providing opportunities for free outdoor play for families. The events planning group is working to provide more community activities and events in the future.

A Community Budgeting event took place in January 2019 which saw 10 projects across the area receive funding and 40 local people involved in the voting. Local people stated that it was a great way for them to find out about local projects and meet new people.


Lambhill and Milton Steering Group Papers


pdf icon Lambhill and Milton Minutes 21.03.18 [14kb]

Further Information

The locality plan for Lambhill and Possilpark can be found here: pdf icon Lambhill Milton Locality Plan [1Mb]

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Thriving Places Contact Details:

Call: 0141 336 7000


Information on this webpage is provided by Lambhill, Milton, and Cadder Thriving Places steering group, and may not necessarily reflect the views of Glasgow Community Planning Partnership.