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Drumchapel Thriving Places

Drumchapel is situated in the west of Glasgow, it borders Bearsden to the east and Clydebank to the west and is also bordered by Knightswood and Yoker. The boundaries are shown on the full locality plan.

Thriving Places was introduced in Drumchapel in 2016 to help improve the quality of life of people who live and work here. This can mean trying to improve health and wellbeing, community safety, education, employment, income, housing, the local environment or access to services. It can also mean encouraging local involvement in decision making processes.

2018/19 Update

Shortly after the commencement of the Thriving Places approach in Drumchapel, the Community Connector sought to form a 'lead group' of agencies working in Drumchapel, to advise and steer the approach of the strategy. The support of the lead group has been integral to shaping the approach using local knowledge of the area and of what has worked well and not so well in the past. We have taken a great deal from the expertise of people who have lived and/or worked in Drumchapel for many years. After a series of meetings, the lead group agreed that the best way to inform the future of Drumchapel was to speak to as many of the people who live here as possible, and ask them about their experiences of living in Drumchapel. With support from stage 1 of the Aspiring Communities fund in 2018, we finalised the report Living in Drumchapel, which outlined the perspectives put forward in interviews with almost 300 Drumchapel residents. From the findings of this report, we developed a Community Connecting Plan for Drumchapel; a series of activities that can address the things that local people told us were important to them. These included tackling social isolation, the quality of local amenities such as Drumchapel Shopping Centre, community safety, and providing opportunities for learning and connecting with other members of the community, welcoming newcomers, and enabling local people to take a greater role in the decisions affecting them and the place they live.

We presented our report findings widely across the community and asked local colleagues in the G15 youth project to help us produce a short film which presents the report visually with an audio commentary. As well as visiting local parents' group, we also organised a community consultation day where we fed back the results of the community consultation and asked members of the community to comment further and make suggestions about how the issues could be addressed. A key issue to emerge from the research with local people was the fact that people are uncertain about the ownership and future plans for the large areas of vacant land around Drumchapel, and to address this we have worked with our Drumchapel Community Council colleagues to host the first of a series of Q and A sessions with local partners in Glasgow City Council to ensure that future plans for development are significantly informed by local opinion.

A further means of reaching out and communicating with the Drumchapel community has been the production of the Drumchapel News,a magazine style publication distributed through the letterboxes of Drumchapel residents, informing of the activity and opportunities coming up in the area. This has been an important means of publicising the vibrant range of activities going on locally, as well as promoting how residents can become involved. We have produced two issues so far, and within the magazine we encourage residents to get in touch with us in the shop to hear of how to become further involved in what's going on in Drumchapel.

Our Daily Activities

The team who had undertaken the community consultation research in 2018 remained active in supporting the work of Thriving Places, and upon the success of our application to the Aspiring Communities Fund (Stage 2) worked with the community connector to implement the Community Connecting Plan for 2019/20. The team are all actively linked to Drumchapel through their experience in the area as residents and volunteers. The daily activities of the team include:

  • Staffing the shop to ensure a presence there for local people dropping in with a range of queries including job applications, crisis interventions, home office enquiries for refugee families, school matters, reporting of concerns, support and care over tea and coffee
  • Supporting local organisations in their delivery of support and services for local people, including Friendship House at Essenside Church, Drumchapel Asian Forum, community coach trip outings, presentations at the Breakfast and Blether community network events, Drumchapel Early Years Network, Drumchapel Community Council.
  • Organisation and delivery of community learning opportunities including ESOL

How You Can Get Involved

The Thriving Places community office, local within the Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland Community Hub, can be found in Dunkenny Square, Drumchapel Shopping Centre, G15 8NB. If you would like to get in touch please contact Ted Scanlon on 07387 100182 or Morven Clark on 07492 399707 or email

Drumchapel Thriving Places Steering Group Papers


pdf icon 23 October 2019 [100kb]

pdf icon 13th February 2019 [236kb]


pdf icon 26th October 2018 [228kb]

pdf icon 5th October 2019 [66kb]

pdf icon 31st July 2018 [80kb]

pdf icon 11th July 2018 [71kb]

pdf icon 13th June 2018 [236kb]

Further Information

The locality plan for Drumpchapel can be found here: pdf icon Drumchapel Locality Plan [1Mb]

Read the Drumchapel Community Research Report here:pdf icon Community Research Report [1Mb]