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Projects & Programmes

The Partnership & Development Team within Democratic Services, Glasgow City Council, co-ordinates development activity on behalf of the Partnership. This includes the management of relevant funds specifically allocated to tackling priorities identified by the Partnership.

The Integrated Grants Fund

The Integrated Grants Fund is managed by the Partnership and Development team within Democratic Services on behalf of the City Council and other Community Planning Partners. It is used to invest in a range of Partnership programmes and initiatives that support service improvements and to create lasting change that will benefit the most disadvantaged communities and people. Investment from the integrated fund will be underpinned by the development and delivery of the SOA for Glasgow.

Examples of Projects & Programmes can be found below:

  • Community Budgeting | Local Communities Decides

    Following a call for proposals from local community groups/organisations for funding through community budgeting process, local events are held where local residents vote to determine which proposals are funded. ...more

  • John Wheatley Learning Network

    The John Wheatley Learning Network is a unique collaboration supporting the core of the North East Learning Programme, delivered by Glasgow Kelvin College and supported through the Integrated Grant Fund. ...more

  • Glasgow South Youth Partnership

    The Glasgow South Youth Partnership was established to progress the youth agenda in the South of Glasgow. ...more

  • Living is for Everyone (LIFE)

    Living is for Everyone's (LIFE) activities build and support the capacity of local people and groups. ...more

  • South Health Improvement Programme

    This multi-agency programme of health and wellbeing related activities is delivered by a range of statutory and voluntary sector agencies working across the South Sector and all activities are aligned to the South Health and Wellbeing priorities. ...more

  • C.O.P.E. (Drumchapel)

    C.O.P.E. (Drumchapel) has a health and well being programme which achieves demonstrable improvements through its continuous performance targets and joint working with agencies. ...more

  • The Addiction Workers Training Project (AWTP) - Scottish Drugs Forum

    The AWTP supports former drug and/or alcohol misusers, including the parents and the people who have experience of homelessness and ex-offenders. ...more

  • Community Policing Initiative

    The Community Policing Teams engage with communities to help develop solutions to local priorities, using information and real time intelligence to prevent crime and target crime hotspots. ...more

  • East End Healthy Living Centre

    The Centre has provided facilities and services that contribute to improving health and well-being for the residents of the east end of Glasgow. ...more

  • The Jeely Piece Club

    The jeely Nursery is located in Castlemilk Community Centre and provides nursery provision for pre 5 children and additional support for the parents/carers of the children. ...more

  • ESOL Coordination Project

    The English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Coordination Project was developed to help respond to a number of concerns about the provision of ESOL. ...more

  • Community Improvement Partnership

    Glasgow Housing Association, Police Scotland and The Scottish Fire & Rescue Service have developed a model to improve the lives of residents by reducing the impact of crime and disorder, making them feel safer within their homes and to identify those at risk from fire. ...more

  • One Glasgow

    One Glasgow is a Total Place approach to budget planning and financial challenges based on pooling resources, focusing on specific shared priorities, eliminating duplication, and creating efficiencies. ...more

  • Understanding Glasgow

    Understanding Glasgow is a new resource that aims to inform a wide audience about the health and wellbeing of Glasgow's residents ...more