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The Addiction Workers Training Project (AWTP) - Scottish Drugs Forum

During 2011/12, the AWTP supported 11 people with former drug and/or alcohol misuse, including the parents and the people who have experience of homelessness and ex-offenders.

These individuals have been employed by the Scottish Drugs Forum as Trainee Addiction Workers and have been supported to use their previous skills and experiences to overcome barriers to employment and ultimately gain employment in Social Care, particularly the Addiction field. All of the trainees who started the course completed and eight out of eleven trainees have successfully moved into further employment. This can change not only the trainee's lives but the lives of their families also many of the trainees live with dependent children, and consider the progression to employment as having a positive impact on their children in terms of goals and aspirations.

The following quotes from AWTP Trainees who completed the course are examples of the difference the project has made to their lives:

"The AWTP has been really good for my confidence and self belief. It's provided me with the skills to progress into further work. Until now this had been a big worry - I'm forever grateful."

"I really enjoyed the AWTP, it was so good for my self confidence - I feel as if I am back on my feet and that I am now a 'normal,' working person."

"I loved it for all areas of my life - it built my self esteem, changed my identity and built my confidence and courage, particularly in my personal life. I feel fortunate."