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ESOL Coordination Project

The English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Coordination Project is based in the City of Glasgow College. The project was initially developed in the south east of the city to help respond to a number of concerns about the provision of ESOL:

> insufficient provision and high waiting lists for classes;

> difficulties in learners accessing the appropriate level of ESOL provision;

> difficulties in learners finding out about suitable provision.

The project has now been rolled out at a city wide level and aims to improve access to ESOL provision through accessible and consistent ESOL testing, advice and coordination with providers and ensure better targeting of provision and matching of learners to available ESOL classes.

Open surgeries were established in accessible venues such as community centres and local job  centres and these were made available to learners for an initial ESOL assessment and advice on available provision.

A total of 788 learners were tested during the project timescales. A database of learners has  also been created and this is used to help link learners into available provision.

The ESOL map has also been redesigned and updated to reflect current provision across the city.