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Glasgow Community Plan

The Glasgow Community Plan has been developed by partners in the city to articulate the focus and priority areas where joint action can make a real difference.

Glasgow Community Planning Partnership brings together public agencies, the third sector and the private sector, to work to improve the city its services and the lives of people who live and work here.

The Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015 requires the Partnership to publish a Local Outcomes Improvement Plan that sets out our shared priorities for the city, where we plan to make improvements and over time show that we have made these improvements. This document sets out these focus and priority areas.

Glasgow Community Plan - Cover Page

The Glasgow Community Plan can be found here: pdf icon Glasgow Community Plan [1Mb]

An equality impact assessment on the Glasgow Community Plan can be found here: pdf icon Equality Impact Assessment on Glasgow Community Plan [510kb]

Published alongside the Local Outcomes Improvement Plan are ten Locality Plans. Locality Plans set out how community groups, organisations, and local services can work together to make a difference to local areas and the lives of people who live and work there. These are living plans and will change as more local people get involved, and services in the local area change to meet local needs. These Locality Plans can be found at

A range of strategies and plans have influenced the drafting of this plan; these strategies and plans can be found below: