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Social Recovery Taskforce

What is the Social Recovery Taskforce

The Social Recovery Taskforce was established as a vital component of Glasgow City Council's Renewal Programme Strategy and Governance Framework.

The role of the Taskforce is to provide leadership and direction and to set out a shared vision that will drive the city's response to the impact of the Coronavirus in relation to a broad range of themes.

Membership is wide ranging and draws extensively, though not exclusively, from partners on the Glasgow Community Planning Partnership (GCPP) Strategic Partnership and the GCPP Executive Group. There is a strong focus on equalities and on ensuring that agreed priorities and recovery approaches are shaped by a strong voice from those with lived experience of poverty and inequality in particular


Terms of Reference

The Terms of Reference for the Social Recovery Taskforce can be found here: pdf icon Social Recovery Taskforce Terms of Reference [205kb]
(Please note that these Terms of Reference may be amended as the Taskforce progresses.)


Reporting on Progress

In addition to the meetings of the Social Recovery Taskforce, details of which can be found below, progress will be reported to the appropriate Glasgow City Council committee, and to the appropriate structure of Glasgow Community Planning Partnership. Public reports are available here:

Glasgow City Council's Wellbeing, Empowerment, Community and Citizen Engagement City Policy Committee, 24 September 2020


Meeting Agendas, Papers, and Minutes

pdf icon 01-SRTAgenda&Papers020720 [229kb]
pdf icon 02-SRTAgenda&Papers310720 [1Mb]
pdf icon 03-SRTAgenda&Papers030920 [5Mb]
pdf icon 04-SRTAgenda&Papers011020 [1Mb]
pdf icon 05-SRTAgenda&Papers051120 [652kb]
pdf icon 06-SRTAgenda&Papers031220 [206kb]
pdf icon 07-SRTAgenda&Papers260121 [233kb]
pdf icon 08-SRTAgenda&Papers250221 [1Mb]
pdf icon 09-SRTAgenda&Papers180321 [726kb]
pdf icon 10-SRTAgenda&Papers140421 [733kb]
pdf icon 11-SRTAgenda&Papers200521 [4Mb]
pdf icon 12-SRTAgenda&Papers100621 [1Mb]
pdf icon 13-SRTAgenda&Papers050821 [1014kb]
pdf icon 14-SRTAgenda&Papers020921 [1Mb]
pdf icon 15-SRTAgenda&Papers071021 [1Mb]
pdf icon 16-SRTAgenda&Papers041121 [3Mb]


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