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Safe Glasgow Partnership

The main role of the Safe Glasgow Partnership is to scrutinise and review the Police and Fire and Rescue plans

  • To scrutinise Police Scotland and Scottish Fire & Rescue Services involvement with Glasgow and how they contribute to Glasgow's Community Plan
  • To review the Police Scotland and Scottish Fire & Rescue Local Plans for Glasgow and make recommendations where necessary
  • To review the proposed local operating arrangements for the Police Service of Scotland and the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service

The plans they scrutinise encompass:

  • Priority setting
  • Community engagement
  • Performance related measures.

Below is the links to the Scottish Government Website where you will find the legislation that led to the creation of the Safe Glasgow Partnership:

Police Scotland

The Glasgow City Local Policing Plan sets out the main priorities and objectives for policing the local authority area.
Police Scotland has a number of community policing teams Glasgow and they are responsible for responding to calls in the local area, as well as looking for long term solutions to key issues.

Please see the links below:

Glasgow City Wide Policing Plan for 2017 - 2020
Multi Member Ward Policing Plans

Scottish Fire & Rescue Service

The Local Fire And Rescue Plan For Glasgow City sets out the priorities and objectives for the SFRS within City of Glasgow and allows partners to scrutinise the performance outcomes of those priorities.

Please see the link below:

Local Fire & Rescue Plan for City of Glasgow 2018