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What is the role of Area Partnerships?

  • To review and influence the operational progress made at an electoral ward level towards implementing the strategic priorities of the Glasgow Community Planning Partnership (GCPP) and Glasgow City Council (GCC), including those identified in the Glasgow Community Plan, Sector implementation plan and Sector investment strategy.
  • To provide feedback to the Sector Community Planning Partnership on the priorities of the Sector implementation plan and investment strategy.
  • To receive reports and feedback from appropriate partners and structures on the implementation of the strategic priorities of the GCPP and GCC at an electoral ward level.
  • To co-ordinate the development and implementation of electoral ward level Neighbourhood Management action plans which respond to local needs and opportunities.
  • To contribute to consultations and discussions on future plans and proposals relevant to the electoral ward.
  • To provide opportunities for communities to engage with the local community planning process.
  • To oversee an area grants process, as part of the Integrated Grants Fund, ensuring that it is consistent with the priorities of the GCPP, GCC, Sector implementation plan and Sector investment strategy.

Community Representation

Community Representation at Area Partnership level; comprises no less than 4 and no more than 6 community residents from appropriate local community networks to be appointed in accordance with arrangements to be approved by the Strategic Board.

Want to get involved?

To support the work of the Area Partnerships, individuals from local organisations (primarily, but not exclusively Community Councils) are invited to join their Area Partnership to allow their local knowledge and experience to influence the discussions and decisions that are made at Area Partnerships. Community members also work in partnership with the elected members to set the agenda for Area Partnerships. Members of the public can attend Area Partnerships to observe.

To assist the Area Partnerships in their role they are each allocated an Area Budget. Information can be found here.