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Many of you will know that GCVS holds twice yearly adult learners' events and this time it's a breakfast to share your views.

A Community Learning and Development Plan is produced for the city of Glasgow and along with other CLD partners, we are consulting on a new plan for 2018-21.  Community Learning and Development refers to a range of opportunities including youth clubs, family learning, literacy and numeracy, ESOL and digital learning as well as support to community groups. 

You can join GCVS for breakfast and let them know your views on what should be included in the CLD Plan 2018-21.  They are looking for groups of a tutor and up to four learners from each project. If you need help with transport costs, please get in touch (must be agreed in advance!)


When: 14 June 2018 - 10am start - 12.00 noon

Where: The Albany Learning & Conference Centre


Please let Karen Armstrong know by 8 June 2018 if you and your learners would like to attend.  We will confirm places as soon as possible after this date. (