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GCPP Annual Report 2016

Glasgow Community Planning Partnership are pleased to publish it's Annual Report 2016.
The full report can be downloaded at the following link: pdf icon GCPP Annual Report 2016 [2Mb]

The report shows the wide range of activities and outcomes from Community Planning in Glasgow. It also highlights some of those activities in more depth in order to illustrate the complexity of some of the challenges faced and also the commitment to meeting those challenges through new ways of working.

Councillor Soryia Siddique, Chair of Glasgow Community Planning Partnership, presented the 2016 annual report saying:

"Since becoming Chair of Glasgow Community Planning Partnership in October 2015, I have been impressed with the level of commitment demonstrated to partnership working in the city. I have also been enthused by the range of community based organisations providing valuable services to residents across our communities and the dedication of those staff and volunteers involved in their delivery. This report provides a snapshot of progress made by Partners over the past year toward our shared outcomes and also highlights some of the growing opportunities for residents and communities to contribute to this success."

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Health Check 2016
The Annual Report also reflects upon the responses from Partners in the city to a large scale Health Check survey of Community Planning in Glasgow; a selection of the results or comments from the survey are included throughout the report. The full anonymous results from the Health Check 2016 survey will be released in due course.