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Sector Partnerships

North East Sector Community Planning Partnership 

North West Sector Community Planning Partnership 

South Sector Community Planning Partnership 

What is the role of Sector Partnerships?

  • To develop a Sector Community Planning Partnership implementation plan and investment strategy, which reflect the strategic priorities of the Glasgow Community Planning Partnership (GCPP) and Glasgow City Council (GCC), including those identified in the Glasgow Community Plan
  • To direct, review and report on the Sector implementation plan and Sector investment strategy.
  • To ensure that the priorities of the Sector implementation plan and Sector investment strategy are informed by local experience by receiving feedback from each Area Partnership and other appropriate structures within the sector.
  • To receive reports and feedback from appropriate partners and structures on the implementation of the strategic priorities of the GCPP and GCC at a sector level.
  • To review and evaluate the delivery of the Police and Fire Plans at the Sector level, as part of local scrutiny and engagement arrangements for the Scottish Police and Fire Services.
  • To contribute to consultations and discussions on future plans and proposals relevant to the Sector.
  • To oversee the Integrated Grants Fund process for the Sector, ensuring that it is consistent with the priorities of the GCPP, GCC, Sector implementation plan and Sector investment strategy.

Community Representation

Community Representation at Sector Partnership level; 1 community resident is nominated from each Area Partnership in the sector boundary from local community networks represented at Area Partnership level. It is intended that these representatives will be able to contribute to issue based work which affects the Sector or the City as a whole. The Sector partnerships will principally focus on issue based work across the strategic planning area.